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MAPPERGuru is being redesigned as an online repository for MAPPER Utilities, technical articles, historical photos, documents, memorabilia, personal stories, and anything even remotely related to the world's best kept software secret. If you have anything you'd like to add to the site, please contact Rob Haeuser via the MAPPER LinkedIn group (click to view the related LinkedIn discussion). Thanks!

Read a brief history about "Mission Critical" MAPPER, by Gerry Del Fiacco:
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Take a YouTube video tour of MAPPER Memorabilia, complete with the MAPPER Song!
(posted by Canal de 63Poker)

The official Unisys MAPPER Youtube video

A Brief History of Computers, according to Unisys

More MAPPER Youtube videos can be viewed here.

Want a free utility? Try out the GURU Calculator

In the early 1990's I wrote a series of articles published in Unisys World, called Make Mine MAPPER,
and was also published a couple of times in UniReview and The M Word.

Where have all the MAPPERites gone? Come join us at the Unisys (BIS) MAPPER LinkedIn Group.

Although it seems to have died on the vine, the MAPPER forum at Tek-Tips is still online.

Here are a few kudos I've collected over the years.

These are a few things that keep me busy these days:
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